DEMON Downhill Bike Concept

The Demon bike, inspired by the movie Alien (the 1979 film directed by Ridley Scott), is a symbiosis between animals and technology; Aggressiveness, speed and style; as a fusion of functional and mechanical engineering from Cannondale with a new concept in the frame structure; the exoskeleton.

This important structural change (the exoskeleton) is based on his reinforced carbon fiber exoskeleton that replaces the traditional tubular frame to supports the heavy use and the different organic surfaces on the exoskeleton, which gives strength to the structure of the frame. These progresses are reflected in the perfect harmony between nature and technology, allowing the rider to merge with the environment.

The exoskeleton frame provides the users the possibility to rich the heart of the bike and reinforce inside the shell frame (for extreme jumping) and store or attach a tool case (useful in any emergency reparation) without interfering with the external design. This feature allows an expansion of general bike functions without losing its design competence.

  • Frame material: Carbon fiber
  • Maximum tire width: 76.2 mm
  • Head tube angle: 69º
  • Seat tube angle: 64º
  • Wheelbase: 1185 mm
  • Chain stay length: 457 mm.