INFLOW, the wellness bathtub that saves water

Wellness + Water saving

Inflow is an ultra thin warm blanket of water that immerses the body using 75% less water than a standard whirlpool bath. This unique new wellness bathing experience is enhanced by Improved body positioning for extreme comfort and relaxation.

This breakthrough innovative bathtub combines a new wellness experience with a sustainable water and energy consumption.

Using a revolutionary water blade system it’s able to create a unique experience submerging the user half in water and half in warm air, consuming 75% less water than a normal bath. The internal shape along with the enveloping waterfalls makes more effective the use of the water.

As part of the Innovation Lab team, my role on this project was to lead the design phase, as well as to work side by side with the rest of the team during the concept stage.

* InFlow was launched at ISH 2011 Bathroom fair, Frankfurt Messe and is for sale in EU.